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777. Gardens in the compound,▓ which opened to tourists in 1988, are a favorite destination for travelers."Floating Dreams" came to the capital from Jiangsu Kunqu Opera House in Jiangsu Province, where Kunqu originated about 600 years ago.Its ▓cast, led by award-winning performer Ke Jun, feature▓s four generations of artists from the prestigious opera house, Guangming Daily reports.The six-act play, which combines scenes from such classics as "The Peony Pavilion," highlights dreams, a frequent subje▓ct in Kunqu plays, the report says.Leading American soprano Renee Fleming, who was in Beijing for an Olympic-themed concert series, was among the audience members.The opera will run until Sat▓urday.Kunqu, the oldest form of Chinese opera, has spawned a diversity of genres, including the world famous Peking opera.Historical doc▓uments show that Kunqu was first performed in Beijing during the Qing▓ Dynasty (1644-1911) at Prince Gong's Mansion, which was then oc▓cupied by a royal family."Floating Dreams" also gave the audience an early peek at the m▓ansion before its official opening this Wednesday.Hailed as Beijing's best-preserved royal mansion, Prince Gong's Mansion will be opened to the public for the first time since its completion in 1777. Gardens in the compound, which op▓ened to tourists in 1988, are a favorite destination for travelers.CHANGCHUN, Northeast China, Dec. 20 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Zhao Shanshan surprised all to win the title of the women's freestyle aerials at a World Cup event h▓ere on Saturday. It was the 21-year-old's first title in her career and also China's first World Cup▓ win in the new season. "It's really a surprise. We hadn't

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